I started this business because animals are truly my passion in life and I hope to be doing this forever! I dreaded that daily struggle of my dog staring at me in distress as I left for a long day of work. Now with a little more time on my hands I can spend more time with him and help others out as well! I love helping people and I feel that no pet should be left behind. I will take care of your pet as if it was another member of my family! Your pet is my #1 priority! I am fully insured for your piece of mind just in case anything was to ever happen! Your pet is under my supervision at all times to prevent such accidents.

My name is Rene. I grew up in Milton, NY on an apple farm. We always had pets while I was growing up so at a very young age I already had such a strong love for animals. We had cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, iguanas...you name it, we had it! I knew from a very young age that someday I wanted to devote my life to animals. This is truly my passion and it never feels like "work" when I am walking dogs or pet Sitting. It is pure JOY for me! I believe we should all be doing something we love at some point in our lives and I'm happy to say I'm finally doing what makes me happy! I have a dog of my own (Benji) he's a 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier and he is absolutely everything to me! Anyone that knows me will agree! I'm the girl who says "No, I have to get home to my dog!" because I truly would rather be sitting at home on a Friday night with him! There will never NOT be a time in my life that I don't have a pet! They make life better!